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Fluent in: Romanian

Bogdan (or Bogie, as his friends call him) came from Romania to New York City to pursue a graduate degree in philosophy, but over time found himself spending more time reading about the city’s architecture and history than pondering why is there something rather than nothing, or what is it like to be a bat. Having decided to make a career out of his hobby, he chose to become a real estate agent, but finds the analytical and communication skills that he acquired as a philosophy grad student to be very useful in making sense of the often chaotic New York real estate market, where no two apartments are alike. Bogdan is very dependable, professional, hard-working, and has the utmost dedication to meeting his customers' needs. He also has a very detailed knowledge of Manhattan’s rental market. The process of finding a new home in New York City is often frustrating, bewildering, and emotionally draining. Should you choose Bogdan as your real estate agent, he will make sure this process will unfold smoothly, and that you end up with a home you’ll love.

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