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Our agents represent every desirable neighborhood in New York City, including Tribeca apartments in NYC and a number of FIDI apartments for rent. No matter what your real estate needs are, we can help. We have many years of experience and are well-known for our superior level of services to our clients. Much of our success is built on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. We value your time as much as you do, so we always aim to meet your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Browse through our featured listings and contact us with your questions.

We have been serving the real estate needs of New York City since 2005. Check us out for rentals, sales, short- or long-term stays. Our No-fee New York City rentals apply to residential and commercial clients throughout the area, including our Financial District no-fee apartments. Rely on our reputable and trusted agents to help you find your next apartment, condo, co-op, luxury loft, Townhouse or multi-family home.  

What Our Customers Think

Alice was very helpful in finding us an amazing Loft in Soho and took care of every step of the home search process, from looking at apartments all the way through to signing the lease. She was unlike all other brokers I have used in the past, who were too pushy and only focused on making a quick sale. She listened to all of our asks and wants, used her knowledge of the West side neighborhoods, and completely delivered for us. I would definitely recommend Alice!

by Bret Salinas

Michael has been incredibly helpful. He understands his customers’ requirements and will give an honest opinion on the property to help you find your dream home. Michael is a seasoned, reliable, always available, and extremely knowledgeable real estate professional that you can trust with your eyes closed.

by rdinebaf

Giancarlo was recommended to me by someone I met in the grocery store of all places! He was my first call and after we spoke I could clearly see that I didn''t need to make any further realtor calls. He won me over with his easy personality and knowledge of Chelsea and it didn''t take more than a few days to locate something that I loved. I will most definitely call him for my next move.

by Barbara

Michael always provides more services than just representing buyers. I came from a foreign country and was not very familiar with the local market and a lot of issues regarding real estate. Michael not only told me about the real estate market but also the school district, selecting contractors, and how to deal with the management company and the super. Incredibly patient and resourceful! Moreover, Michael has a car service, which made the showing process very efficient! I saw several apartments at a time, and I think this service will benefit people who are very busy with their work. Michael is always willing to help me out when it comes to a variety of problems related to my new apartment. Not only Michael helped me rent out my new apartment in about two months but also he helped me deal with all kinds of unexpected problems! After buying my first apartment in Manhattan, Michael and I became very good friends. With Michael, buying the apartment not only was a great experience but also brought me a good relationship. Thanks Michael!

by Jiayu Wu