Soho Apartments NYC

Crosby, Sixth Avenue, and Canal Streets bound the “South of Houston”? the namesake of the area of SoHo. Because of the frequent box fires that plagued the area’s warehouses and manufacturers, the neighborhood was once known as “Hell’s Hundred Acres.” Artists abandoned the name for the much kitschier “SoHo” when they moved in. Given the large windows and interior walls in the low-rise cast iron façade buildings, they found SoHo to be perfect for their work and residence. 

West Broadway in SoHo is home to innumerable artists who peddle their wares during the weekend rush of tourists and non-residents who frequent the neighborhood’s sidewalk cafés and boutiques. The area’s museums and galleries add to the artistic vibrancy of the area, including the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum for African Art, and the SoHo Guggenheim Museum. 

Aside from being an artist haven, SoHo also boasts close proximity to the famed Financial District, and easy access to rest of Manhattan, given its numerous public transportation options.